Project Management

Project Management

Project Management
  • Are large projects just small sized companies?

    Andy tells us about major projects and how they need special consideration.

  • How to manage the change of politics for large government projects

    The changing politics in large projects needs to be carefully managed.

  • Transitions from one state to another in organisations and projects

    Andy Murray talks about major projects and how these have unique challenges and considerations.

  • What is a major project?

    What is a major project?

  • Difficulty in realising benefits trailer

    Ruth Murray-Webster talks about the challenges embedded leaders face to implement change and implement projects to realise benefits successfully. Embedding change into every project is essential. Ruth touches on the challenges for those seconded from the business into the project. She touches bri...

  • Intelligent risk conversations trailer

    Ruth Murray-Webster talks to us about how a risk conversation can be intelligent and not just a checkbox for referral during a project or portfolio meeting. She talks about how an organisation she worked for implemented these intelligent risk conversations and the results.

  • Managing Risk 4.0 (MoR4) introduction trailer

    Ruth Murray-Webster joined us to discuss the latest Management of Risk guidance and some fundamental changes and updates. This learning video is a brief introduction.

  • Portfolio management insights trailer

    Ruth Murray-Webster talks to us about the challenges organisations face in managing their portfolio of investments when they have limited capacity and resources. The paradox for external consultants tasked with assisting leaders in implementing change and that making that happen depends on a) eng...

  • What to expect in management of risk® V4 (MoR®) trailer

    Ruth Murray-Webster gives a detailed view of Management of Risk 4 and how it relates to PRINCE2 and MSP. An insight into some of the newly updated aspects of MoR guidance. This video goes into more depth than an introduction and is helpful for those with their MoR, PRINCE2 or MSP certifications.

  • Building a game plan for disruption trailer

    Building a game plan for disruption is the core of a new book Ruth Murray-Webster has co-authored to provide information about what traits they would expect to see in those organisations wanting to disrupt or fearful of disruption. These tips are straightforward and valuable for any organisation.

  • PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes

    5 seasons

    Leading with Andy Murray, this is a collection of behind-the-scenes conversations about the PRINCE2 V7 concepts and ideas. We talk to the authors of the latest version of PRINCE2 about the behind-the-scenes influences, ideas and useful things that they picked up during its development. This serie...

  • Outputs, outcomes and benefits

    Outputs can be called deliverables or products. These might be physical, e.g. a school, or not physical like a song. From some perspectives, projects exist primarily to deliver outputs. These are the 'things' that the project produces. Steve Jenner tackles modest but essential knowledge to unders...

  • Benefit focused projects

    Steve Jenner summarises the traditional version of outputs, outcomes and benefits, then introduces the Victorian standard, looking at investment drivers, objectives and problems and solutions as the last step. Turning benefits thinking on its head. In the end, focus on the benefits, not the outputs!

  • Project benefit insights

    Steve Jenner tackles some tricky project issues: Pet projects, No brainer projects, Intangible benefits, the economists' approach to benefits and what is benefits management all about then?

  • PRINCE2 V7 Behind the scenes with Andy Murray

    Andy Murray is the lead editor for the latest version of PRINCE2, Version seven.

    Andy collaborated with other PRINCE2 authors, the examination team at Peoplecert, and global reviewers to develop the PRINCE2 V7 guidance, which will be accessible from September 2023 onwards. Like the last version,...

  • 2.5 Developing the PRINCE2 V7 people chapter

    Andy Murray emphasizes the value of recognizing and utilizing the quieter phases in projects. While planning is essential, it's equally important to acknowledge that projects have lulls. He cites an example from the scenarios, which details how these quieter periods can be strategically used to i...

  • 2.1 Unravelling the complexities of people in projects and organizations

    Andy Murray discussed the unique perspective introduced to him by Jo. Instead of seeing projects as isolated entities, Jo presented them as part of an intricate ecosystem, likening the relationships and communication dynamics within and between organizations to mycelium. This analogy piqued Murra...

  • 2.2 People on projects are supported by informal relationships

    Jo Lucas, the author of the People chapter in PRINCE2 V7 guidance, emphasizes the significance of casual workplace interactions. She points out that while such conversations might seem trivial or like mere gossip, they often contain valuable insights. At the coffee point, employees share updates ...

  • 2.3 People factors influence how PRINCE2 is applied

    Andy Murray highlights the significant influence people have in shaping project outcomes, even more so than technical challenges in specific areas of work. He uses this to demonstrate the profound impact human factors can have on the implementation of a method. While the core principles of the me...

  • 2.4 Enable the process to follow people less energy for better outcomes

    Jo Lucas advocates for a more adaptive and organic approach to project management. Drawing a metaphor about creating pathways, she emphasizes the importance of recognizing the intricate, interdependent relationships that exist not just among humans but also between humans and the non-human world....

  • 2.6 Find the right process for the people in a project to gain efficency

    Jo Lucas underscores the importance of core values like accountability and independence in running a successful project. She notes that while a majority (80-90%) of the foundational aspects of project management remain constant and pose no issues, it's the remaining 10% that often brings challeng...

  • 1.1 Building the team, defining the objectives behind the scenes

    Andy Murray was appointed before the rest of the authoring team for PRINCE2 Version 7. Much of the preliminary research was already completed by AXELOS and subsequently by People Cert. Upon Murray's involvement, a comprehensive dossier was already prepared for his examination. This preparation st...

  • 1.2 Terminology and reducing complexity

    Andy Murray, in the context of editing the PRINCE2 V7 edition of the PRINCE2 guidance, emphasizes the importance of clarity and simplicity in terminology. Their approach champions plain English, leaning on dictionary definitions as the primary source for terms. If elaboration is required, ISO sta...

  • 1.3 Sustainability as a performance target

    Andy Murray, while discussing the PRINCE2 V7 project management guidance, elucidates the concept of setting performance targets and managing them effectively. PRINCE2 recommends the use of tolerances, offering a margin for flexibility in project controls. This prevents managers from overreacting ...