Scott Spence

Scott Spence A student management system that improves sales and automates administration for training organisations with a particular emphasis on Registered Training Organisations. My role is to ensure the best possible experience for new customers and maintain that with existing customers. I am responsible for creating a supportive environment and a customer experience. : With experience in public and private sector, financial and health industries I believe that my team are able to give a broad but informed expertise on project, program and portfolio governance challenges. From Botswana to London we have talked through common project management issues faced by project groups. Technical or not our customers find that we add value: from a Solomon Island's village planning the construction of a small airstrip to increasing tourism to a large insurance company in the UK upgrading a computer system.

Specialties: Project governance, programme management, project management, project assurance, quality assurance, gateway reviews, PRINCE2(R), MSP(R), OGC Gateway(R)

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Scott Spence
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