Ruth Murray-Webster

Ruth Murray-Webster

My work helps clients to understand risk and disruption, design solutions and controls, deliver change and achieve their potential performance. I'm an ace facilitator working online or in person. I challenge my thinking and seek to stretch my performance. I'm valued for being analytical, insightful, inspiring and passionate about making things as good as possible. I focus on the vision and ensure that people, processes, and systems move forward together. I've published numerous books and academic papers and have been the lead editor for core guidance documents for the project profession.

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Ruth Murray-Webster
  • Portfolio management insights

    Ruth Murray-Webster talks to us about the challenges faced by organisations in managing their portfolio of investments when they have limited capacity and limited resources. The paradox for external consultants tasked with assisting leaders to implement change, and that making that happen depends...

  • Difficulty in realising benefits

    Ruth Murray-Webster talks about the challenges that embedded leaders face to successfully implement change and implement projects to realise benefits. Why it is important to embed change into every project and the challenges for those from the business being seconded into the project. She touches...

  • Building a game plan for disruption

    Building a game plan for disruption is the core of a new book Ruth Murray-Webster has co-authored, to provide information about what traits they would expect to see in those organisations wanting to disrupt or have a fear of being disrupted. These are straight forward and useful for any organisation

  • What to expect in management of risk(R) 4.0 (MoR4)

    Ruth Murray-Webster gives a more detailed view about Management of Risk 4 and how it relates to PRINCE2 and MSP. An insight into some of the new updated aspects of MoR guidance. This video goes deeper than an introduction and is helpful for those who have their MoR, PRINCE2 or MSP certifications.

  • Management of risk 4.0 (MoR4) introduction

    Ruth Murray-Webster joined us to talk about what the latest Management of Risk guidance is about and what are some key changes and updates. This is a brief introduction.

  • Intelligent risk conversations

    Ruth Murrary-Webster talks to us about how a risk conversation can be intelligent and not just a checkbox to be ticked off during a project or portfolio meeting. She talks about how an organisation she worked for implemented these intelligent risk conversations and the results.

  • Challenges in managing risk

    As the author of the latest version of Management of Risk guidance (version 4) Ruth Murray-Webster gives us insight into the challenges faced by organisations in getting risk right. She talks about protecting value and balancing objectives. She discusses what makes risk management work: Scales, a...