PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes

PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes

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Leading with Andy Murray, this is a collection of behind-the-scenes conversations about the PRINCE2 V7 concepts and ideas. We talk to the authors of the latest version of PRINCE2 about the behind-the-scenes influences, ideas and useful things that they picked up during its development. This series includes conversations with Brad Bigelow, Jo Lucas, Tanja van den Akker, Richard Rose and Marisa Silva.

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PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes
  • Ensure continued business justification & roles, responsibilities & relationship

    Episode 1

    In her video, Tanja van den Akker, one of the authors of PRINCE2 V7, discusses subtle yet significant changes in the wording and emphasis of the PRINCE2 principles in the latest version. The principle of continued business justification remains unchanged, ensuring that a project has a valid purpo...

  • Managing stages, manage by exception and tailoring

    Episode 2

    Tanja van den Akker, a PRINCE2 V7 author focusing on the Principles chapter, discusses key aspects of project management in her presentation. She emphasizes the importance of managing projects in manageable blocks, tackling each section in detail as needed. This approach allows for more focused a...

  • Principles: focus on products, learn from experience

    Episode 3

    In the video, Tanja van den Akker, an author of the PRINCE2 V7 Principles chapter, discusses key aspects of the updated PRINCE2 methodology, focusing on the importance of product-oriented outcomes and the value of learning from experience.

    She emphasizes that the core focus of PRINCE2 remains on...

  • Applying and tailoring

    Episode 4

    Tanja van den Akker, a PRINCE2 V7 author, discusses the nuances of applying and tailoring the PRINCE2 methodology in project management. She explains that previously, all adaptations made to fit the method to a specific project were broadly termed as 'tailoring'. This included instances such as a...

  • Delivery based on hours or output

    Episode 5

    In her discussion about PRINCE2 V7, Tanja van den Akker, author of the Principles chapter, reflects on her experiences and contrasts them with those of her colleague, Brad. Tanja has worked on small to mid-sized projects for organizations like the Dutch Police force and Kuwait Petroleum, while Br...

  • Occasional project managers

    Episode 6

    Tanja van den Akker, an author of the Principles chapter in PRINCE2 V7, discusses her approach to writing and the considerations she keeps in mind. She is influenced by frequently asked questions and examples that resonate well with learners, aiming to provide insights that aren't always apparent...

  • The brief and considerations during the update trailer

    Episode 7

    Tanja van den Akker, one of the authors for PRINCE2 V7, particularly focused on the Principles chapter, discusses the approach and considerations taken during the revision process. She notes that the team was open to making significant changes to the principles, including the possibility of alter...