PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes

PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes

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Leading with Andy Murray, this is a collection of behind-the-scenes conversations about the PRINCE2 V7 concepts and ideas. We talk to the authors of the latest version of PRINCE2 about the behind-the-scenes influences, ideas and useful things that they picked up during its development. This series includes conversations with Brad Bigelow, Jo Lucas, Tanja van den Akker, Richard Rose and Marisa Silva.

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PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes
  • 3.1 How scenarios in PRINCE2 V7 are used in the book and exams

    Episode 1

    Andy Murray, the Lead Editor of PRINCE2 V7, shared insights on the thought process behind structuring the manual. A significant concern during its development was the concept of "cognitive load", which refers to the total amount of mental effort being used in working memory. The team was aware th...

  • 3.2 How to use storytelling

    Episode 2

    Marisa Silva, the author of the PRINCE2 V7 scenarios, discusses the real-life applicability of the scenarios described in the PRINCE2 V7 framework. The scenarios aim to represent practical situations where decisions in projects might not always be made through formal channels. Silva gives example...

  • 3.3 Choosing scenarios for the PRINCE2 V7 book

    Episode 3

    Andy Murray, the Lead Editor of PRINCE2 V7, discussed the process of integrating scenarios into the new edition. He began by creating a matrix to envision how different scenarios could be combined. Recognizing the need to distribute these scenarios across the chapters, he ensured that they were a...

  • 3.4 Applying storytelling on a project

    Episode 4

    Marisa Silva, the author of the PRINCE2 V7 scenarios, speaks on the criticality of understanding the viability of a project. She emphasizes the significance of questioning whether a project should move forward and highlights the business case's importance in this context. Silva mentions that duri...

  • 3.5 Examination team input into the scenario development

    Episode 5

    Andy Murray, the Lead Editor of PRINCE2 V7, discussed feedback received during the development of the PRINCE2 V7. Referring to earlier comments by Scott, Murray emphasized the importance of consistency in the presented scenarios. One significant piece of feedback received from the exams team pert...

  • 3.6 Using storytelling in project management

    Episode 6

    Marisa Silva, the author of PRINCE2 V7 scenarios, speaks about the importance and advantages of storytelling in the context of project management. Here's a summarised breakdown:

    Conflict Resolution & Motivation: Marisa uses storytelling as a tool for conflict resolution and to motivate her team....

  • 3.7 PRINCE2 V7 Scenarios

    Episode 7

    Marisa Silva and Andy Murray discussed the intricacies and challenges posed by certain scenarios within PRINCE2 V7. Silva, as the author of the scenarios, and Murray, the Lead Editor, specifically highlighted the "nowByou" scenario. This particular case revolves around a marketing campaign, which...

  • Full Interview of Marisa, Andy and Scott PRINCE2 V7 Scenarios and Storytelling

    Episode 8

    Scott, the CEO of CC Learning, interviewed Andy Murray, Lead Editor of PRINCE2 V7, and Marisa Silva, who developed the scenarios for PRINCE2 V7. The discussion revolved around the addition and purpose of scenarios in PRINCE2 V7, their structure, development, and importance for exam-takers.