PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes

PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes

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Leading with Andy Murray, this is a collection of behind-the-scenes conversations about the PRINCE2 V7 concepts and ideas. We talk to the authors of the latest version of PRINCE2 about the behind-the-scenes influences, ideas and useful things that they picked up during its development. This series includes conversations with Brad Bigelow, Jo Lucas, Tanja van den Akker, Richard Rose and Marisa Silva.

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PRINCE2 V7: Behind the scenes
  • 1.1 Building the team, defining the objectives behind the scenes

    Episode 1

    Andy Murray was appointed before the rest of the authoring team for PRINCE2 Version 7. Much of the preliminary research was already completed by AXELOS and subsequently by People Cert. Upon Murray's involvement, a comprehensive dossier was already prepared for his examination. This preparation st...

  • 1.2 Terminology and reducing complexity

    Episode 2

    Andy Murray, in the context of editing the PRINCE2 V7 edition of the PRINCE2 guidance, emphasizes the importance of clarity and simplicity in terminology. Their approach champions plain English, leaning on dictionary definitions as the primary source for terms. If elaboration is required, ISO sta...

  • 1.3 Sustainability as a performance target

    Episode 3

    Andy Murray, while discussing the PRINCE2 V7 project management guidance, elucidates the concept of setting performance targets and managing them effectively. PRINCE2 recommends the use of tolerances, offering a margin for flexibility in project controls. This prevents managers from overreacting ...

  • 1.4 Sustainability as a performance target, the logic of inclusion

    Episode 4

    Andy Murray, in his discussions regarding the PRINCE2 V7 project management guidance, addresses the crucial inclusion of sustainability as a core performance target. Given the pressing global concerns around the environment and climate change, he emphasizes the importance of embedding sustainabil...

  • 1.5 Focusing on application of the method in seeking lessons

    Episode 5

    Andy Murray, the Lead Editor of PRINCE2 V7, delves into the updated methodologies within PRINCE2's project management approach. Highlighting the evolved 'Learning from Experience' principle, he emphasizes the transition from a "push" to a "pull" model for disseminating lessons learned. Instead of...

  • 1.6 Lack of follow-up leads to documentation not being updated.

    Episode 6

    In this insightful segment, Andy Murray, the Lead Editor of PRINCE2 V7, sheds light on the pragmatism of project management. He stresses that the core approach is to achieve the desired results with the least amount of work. Highlighting human tendencies, he notes that if reports are not being re...