Marisa Silva

Marisa Silva

Passionate and intrigued by projects. Specialist in PPM, PMO & Transformation. Advisor. Educator. Speaker. Listener. Author. Curious. Knowledge-sharer. Human.

Trying to succeed in the biggest, most thrilling, and most challenging project of them all: life itself.

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Marisa Silva
  • 3.6 Using storytelling in project management

    Marisa Silva, the author of PRINCE2 V7 scenarios, speaks about the importance and advantages of storytelling in the context of project management. Here's a summarised breakdown:

    Conflict Resolution & Motivation: Marisa uses storytelling as a tool for conflict resolution and to motivate her team....

  • 3.2 How to use storytelling

    Marisa Silva, the author of the PRINCE2 V7 scenarios, discusses the real-life applicability of the scenarios described in the PRINCE2 V7 framework. The scenarios aim to represent practical situations where decisions in projects might not always be made through formal channels. Silva gives example...

  • 3.4 Applying storytelling on a project

    Marisa Silva, the author of the PRINCE2 V7 scenarios, speaks on the criticality of understanding the viability of a project. She emphasizes the significance of questioning whether a project should move forward and highlights the business case's importance in this context. Silva mentions that duri...

  • 3.7 PRINCE2 V7 Scenarios

    Marisa Silva and Andy Murray discussed the intricacies and challenges posed by certain scenarios within PRINCE2 V7. Silva, as the author of the scenarios, and Murray, the Lead Editor, specifically highlighted the "nowByou" scenario. This particular case revolves around a marketing campaign, which...

  • Full Interview of Marisa, Andy and Scott PRINCE2 V7 Scenarios and Storytelling

    Scott, the CEO of CC Learning, interviewed Andy Murray, Lead Editor of PRINCE2 V7, and Marisa Silva, who developed the scenarios for PRINCE2 V7. The discussion revolved around the addition and purpose of scenarios in PRINCE2 V7, their structure, development, and importance for exam-takers.