Jo Lucas

Jo Lucas

Jo is a director of Co.Cre8, a consultancy that enables thriving project ecosystems through knowledge, networks, and behaviours. Jo uses systems thinking to provide expertise in setting up and reconnecting delivery ecosystems in complex projects and organisations through creating aligned ways of working and embedding learning from experience. She has expertise in setting up sustainable governance, assurance and requirements regimes and operationalising strategic objectives, commitments, and legal obligations into pragmatic day-to-day ways of working, such as the well-regarded Blue Book between High Speed 2 and Transport for London.

Jo founded Ego to Eco, a not-for-profit that utilises the power of art and the language of nature to activate the mycelium of the built environment to regenerate our planet, working with rapidly growing communities with aligned aims.

Jo has over 20 years of experience implementing change within complex and ambiguous environments, including DfT, Agri-tech, HS2, TfL, CITB, UCL, BAA, ODA, World Food Programme and Network Rail. She chartered as a civil/structural engineer in Australia before transitioning into implementing change on significant infrastructure projects in London.

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Jo Lucas
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