Cate Crombie

Cate Crombie

Certified Trainer with The International Centre for NonViolent Communication
2005 - Present · 18 yrs 9 mos2005 - Present · 18 yrs 9 mos
Board of Directors Company Secretary
Centre for Nonviolent Communication
Jan 2015 - Present · 8 yrs 9 mos
Albuquerque, New Mexico Area
Compassionate Communication
2000 - Present · 23 yrs 9 mos

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Cate Crombie
  • Feelings in the workplace

    Cate Crombie, a communications trainer, discusses the challenges associated with expressing feelings, especially in professional settings. She advises against using the "f word" – referring to "feelings" – as emotions can be difficult to articulate. Often, individuals guard their vulnerability, t...

  • Active listening for leaders

    Cate Crombie, a Communications trainer, presents a step in effective communication, labeled "Link to a Feeling". This step emphasizes the importance of active listening, particularly when someone expresses concerns or emotions.

    In this step, the listener acknowledges the speaker's feelings and p...