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  • Optimism bias In projects

    In this discussion by Steve Jenner, the topic revolves around the predictability and misestimation of time for tasks. Steve highlights a phenomenon he refers to as "Hof's Status Law," which essentially underscores the idea that tasks often take longer than one expects, even when accounting for po...

  • Reduce impact of biases

    Steve Jenner, a renowned Benefits Expert, delves into the complexities of project management, particularly when a project still faces delays despite meticulous planning. He highlights that even with the strategic division of a project into activities, identifying a critical path, and integrating ...

  • Challenges in managing risk

    As the author of the latest version of Management of Risk guidance (version 4) Ruth Murray-Webster gives us insight into the challenges faced by organisations in getting risk right. She talks about protecting value and balancing objectives. She discusses what makes risk management work: Scales, a...